In 2022, 3to60 acquired the ip assets from skyarmour.

flexible consistent models

The SkyArmour tech stack can be deployed to virtually any hardware platform, from cloud to very low-power on-edge devices.

The unique technology uses proprietary mechanisms to develop highly efficient compact models and condensed hypergraph context models.

The developed models can be deployed to frameworks such as TFLite, TFLite-Micro, GLOW, CNTK, and many others)

This means the effort to deploy the same model is minimized and the effort is where it should be - the right framework for the platform/usage.


contextual ai

The use of hypergraphs enables nuanced contextualization - much like a person contextualizes.

Detection of a firearm might be of-interest or anamolous - or entirely expected (for example if there is a march of 2nd ammendment supporters).

Context matters - and helps prioritize of-interest and anomalous items to reduce cognitive load on the user.


not just sensors

The AI can perform other duties to help offload otherwise burdensome tasks from user(s).

- Power management
- Radio(s) usage management
- Preparing orders/forms
- Order/Task/Data inspection

and many other use cases

use cases

Perimeter and Area Patrol

Individual Glasses based ISR


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