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up to $2500 monthly scholarship plus equity




The Executive-CoFounder (ECF) takes the a high profile executive role in running a new startup, but within the confines of an established company (3to60) providing guidance, a place to work, advisory services, materials and product procurement, technology development, website and marketing creation and a host of other services needed to create a product or brand.

The successful ECF fulfills functions as directed by an EIR and the board in supporting key decisions and executing on those key decisions.

What the successful ECF needs:

  • nearly insane work ethic
  • a true passion for the product and brand
  • focus and determination
  • excellent related skills in AN area required for the product brand: programming guru, scientist, marketing genius...
  • a willingness to work and push back leveraging your expertise within a construct designed to push success - that means that your expertise is helping guide - you can't be a wallflower if the design calls for something truly impossible

What the successful ECF exit looks like:

  • a new company (newco) formed (most likely a Delaware LLC)
  • significant equity level as a co-founder
  • a developed product, brand, roadmap, talent...
  • 3to60 as a non-majority but significant equity holder (as the incubator)

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