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up to $2500 monthly scholarship and founder-equity




The Catalyst position takes the role of running a startup, but within the confines of an established company (3to60) providing guidance, a place to work, advisory services, materials and product procurement, technology development, website and marketing creation and a host of other services needed to create a product or brand.

The successful Catalyst will be the key decision maker for the new product/brand and will run the operation as the effective CEO/President.

What the successful Catalyst needs:

  • insane work ethic
  • a true passion for the product and brand
  • focus and determination
  • related skills in AN area required for the product brand - technical? great! fantastic marketer? great! but you have to bring something to the table beyond just hours
  • a willingness to work within a construct designed to push success - that means the board assigned to the company is going to give advice

What the successful Catalyst exit looks like:

  • a new company (newco) formed (most likely a Delaware LLC)
  • significant equity level as a founder
  • a developed product, brand, roadmap, talent...
  • 3to60 as a non-majority but significant equity holder (as the incubator)

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